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Nagelschmiede und Metallwaren GmbH

nageno - seit 1893

Nagelschmiede und Metallwaren GmbH

nageno - since 1893





  • standard material: steel
  • alternative material: cast and nonferrous metal (bronze, copper, aluminium, etc.), stainless steel
  • customer material

Surface finishing

  • uncoated, tinned, coppered

Types of attachment

  • without attachment, with branch, with adhesive coating
  • almost all fast studs and box studs in welded design (improved seals, mechanical and thermal stability compared with riveted designs)

Special designs

  • curved studs
  • clamp studs
  • Y and Ω-shaped studs
  • clamp box studs
  • curved centre wires and nails
  • sleeves and studs for core and mould boxes
  • rod studs