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Nagelschmiede und Metallwaren GmbH

nageno - seit 1893

Nagelschmiede und Metallwaren GmbH

nageno - since 1893


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Precision work with craftsmens quality – innovative force – experience

We are a medium-sized enterprise that offers special products and services for metalworking applications. Our range of casting supplies makes us a long-standing partner to numerous European foundries.
We have invested consistently to expand our standard range of products to include customer-specific solutions, the processing of complex geometries and precision manufacturing of components made of various metals. We engage in R&D to continuously develop product characteristics and technology.
You benefit from our flexibility based on lean structures, our modern fleet of machines, the skill of our staff and the experience that comes only from 100 years in metalworking.

  • Casting supplies
  • building material parts
  • fittings
  • forged components
  • nails
  • lathing
  • welding
  • mechanical assembly and
  • advice on application.