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Nagelschmiede und Metallwaren GmbH

nageno - seit 1893

Nagelschmiede und Metallwaren GmbH

nageno - since 1893




We are located in a region that has been famous as a centre for toolmaking, expert casting and metal products for centuries.

Emerging originally from the co-operative nail foundry "Oberschönauer Nagelschmiedegenossenschaft", we now blend our roots in craftsmanship with state-of-the-art excellence and an output that has stood the test of decades to create a range of innovative products and services.

Employees with long-standing experience work constructively alongside our young talent. This helps multiply the extensive expertise and practical experience by knowledge gained in modern education. Aligned with the diversity of options that only our extensive machine fleet can offer, we have succeeded time and again to modify our products to suit the needs of the market.

As a medium-sized enterprise, we manufacture exclusively in Germany.
State-of-the-art technology and constant investment in product and human development, along with certification, ensure that all products that leave our house deliver outstanding quality and high customer benefit. We remain flexible, thanks to the clearly ordered structures and rapid refitting options, making us your perfect partner for customer-specific solutions.

Knowing what our customers need, alongside substantial investments in technology and personnel, has helped continually expand the products and services we offer.
But our quality and continual process optimisation do not refer to the products alone. Instead, these factors are integral elements in all procedures within our company. And our staff makes an all-telling contribution by keeping a keen eye on customer benefits.

  • careful production in craftsmen's quality
  • adaptation of existing solutions to fit your circumstances
  • development of specific customer-centric solutions
  • on the ground consulting for the customer and prototype production
  • short delivery times through high vertical integration
  • Entwicklung spezieller kundenorientierter Lösungen
  • Beratung vor Ort beim Kunden und Musterherstellung
  • Kurze Lieferzeiten durch hohe Fertigungstiefe