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Nagelschmiede und Metallwaren GmbH

nageno - seit 1893

Nagelschmiede und Metallwaren GmbH

nageno - since 1893




We know what we are doing when it comes to technology and materials. This is why we offer more than just standard fare; what we deliver are optimisations and modifications of products and their processing. We manufacture prototypes, individual pieces and series, entire assemblies or just one component.


  • the manufacturing spectrum extends from small to medium-sized series with simple geometries
  • mainly free cutting and stainless steel, also brass and aluminium



  • resistance welding with up to 10 weld points simultaneously
  • up to 100 kVA
  • with in-house tool manufacturing


Contract production

  • product manufacturing using customer material in the fields of casting supplies and nails
  • implementation of customer specifications, but also optimised solution proposals and modifications


Advice on application and customer-specific solutions

  • use of alternative materials and development of specific, aligned geometries to achieve enhanced structural characteristics and resistance

Your benefits

  • a broad range for versatile deployment
  • flexibility in materials, units, technologies